Hey, Y'all.

I love words and what can be created by them. There are so many ways to take beautiful writing and have that enhance an existing project or endeavor.

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Email : chelthegreat@gmail.com
Website : www.micheletrice.com
Twitter : @chelthegreat

  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Social Media Maven


  • 01
    Communications Coordinator

    Work with an amazing team to communicate the church's mission with the membership and community through various communication outlets.


  • 02
    Freelance Writer and Editor

    Provide content for various businesses and individuals, including web and blog content, social media content, news releases and consulting on internal communications.


  • 03
    Communications Director


    Tasked with handling all of the non-profit's communications needs. Began the organization's e-newsletter and was responsible for all social media networking.


  • 04
    Bodily Injury Claims Adjuster


    Expanding my skill set, I gained valuable knowledge about the state's insurance and healthcare industry.


  • 05
    Assistant Director of College Communications

    Louisiana College

    Responsible for the College's media interactions. Wrote and edited the school's alumni magazine and assisted with providing content for the school's website.



  • Arkansas State University

    Bachelor of Science

    Major: Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. Minor: English.




    Who Me? A What? Are You Sure?

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    Do you cry in the drugstore?

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    I love little surprise reminders that things don’t always have to be the way they are at this moment. Today’s reminder came in the form of a ‘suggestion/criticism’ at work. I produce a publication at work each

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    What we learn in the goodbyes

    If we’re all growing and changing and becoming, then none of us are the people we were a year ago or five years ago, much less 10 or 15 years ago. Now, our core is probably similar,

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